Building a swimming pool


A pool for life

A pool for life

Congratulations! Soon you will be spending every summer day in your private pool. At home. No one is more equipped to make this dream come true than Leisure Pools. As an international pool builder, we have many years of experience. Our experienced professionals know all the ins and outs of building and installing swimming pools. Welcome to the wonderful world of Leisure Pools.

Enjoying life in style in your Leisure Pool

Want to swim a few laps after work or dangle your feet in the water while you enjoy a nice cocktail on a sunny day? Do you want to organise a nice barbecue with friends with some water fun for the kids? A Leisure Pools swimming pool is a source of pleasure for everyone, for sport lovers and anyone who enjoys life.

If having a private swimming pool in your garden has been your dream for years, then now is the time to make that dream come true with the help of Leisure Pools. And we’ll be there for you afterwards as well, whether you want to get your pool ready for the winter or simply need some pool products.

swimming pools garden
Garden with swimming pool

Choosing a pool from Leisure Pools is choosing top quality

Leisure Pools is the only pool builder in the world that builds insulated monoblock pools made of full epoxy vinyl ester resin with a reinforced core of high-performance fibres. What does that mean? We make such sturdy pools that we can offer a lifetime warranty on the pool shell. Lifelong swimming pleasure? Check!

Other swimming pools are often made from polyester, which is cheaper, but very sensitive to osmosis. Since Leisure Pools uses durable vinyl ester resin, osmosis does not stand a chance in our pools. Add to that the reinforcement with high-performance fibres and our strict quality inspections, and you will understand why our pools are indestructible.

The pool builder with an eye for detail

Leisure Pools is also your ideal partner if you want to transform your entire garden into a wellness resort. We have our own garden and landscape architect who will translate your dreams into a personal customised design. Would you like to add a sauna, jacuzzi and a sleek pool house? No problem. Our team and our permanent network of partners ensure that all these dreams become reality.

Have your pool built by
Leisure Pools

Our website will introduce you to the world of Leisure Pools. By the way, did you know that Leisure Pools is originally an Australian company and currently sells swimming pools all over the world? Thousands of customers have already put their trust in us. How about you?

Dream away while viewing our creations, calculate the cost of your dream pool quickly and easily with our configurator, find an answer to some of the most common questions about swimming pools in our FAQ, request a quotation or schedule a visit to our showroom . In no time at all, you will be completely zen in your own Leisure POOL.

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