Building a swimming pool


Pool in the garden

A private pool in the garden, that's wonderful!

Is there anything better than taking a refreshing dip in the pool on a summer's day? Relax and enjoy life in your PRIVATE pool. A pool is not only fun, it can be a real asset, especially on hot days! Would you like a swimming pool in your garden? Then continue reading and find out what to take into account when buying a swimming pool.

Building a pool: more than just a pool

Your pool should of course fit perfectly in your garden and that is easier said than done. Will you choose a constructed or a monoblock pool? Which finish do you want? Which pool lighting fits your pool? Which pool cover or pool heater should you choose? Where are you going to put the technical room? And so on.

Leisure Pools resolutely chooses monoblock pools. Our swimming pools are manufactured from, a fixed mould in the USA or Australia. Then they are shipped by boat to Belgium. We add all the selected pool technologies in our workshop in Aarschot. From there, the pools are transported to our customers and installed in a short time. Of course, you choose the finish around the pool, for example you can opt for authentic natural stone, tropical hardwood or ceramic tiles.

In addition, Leisure Pools can design your entire garden. For example, we can create a complete garden design in cooperation with a garden designer. Would you like to add a pool house, wellness area and/or garden furniture? No problem. We will ensure perfect harmony between your pool and garden.


No problem. We can build your dream pool even in a small garden. Our smallest pool is 5 x 3 metres. Its smart design and compact size make it a perfect fit for a small urban garden without sacrificing all the comfort you expect from a Leisure Pools pool. We are also constantly researching new technologies so that we might soon be able to offer an even smaller pool.

Where do you place the pool in the garden?

Make sure the pool is in the sun. The warmth of the sun naturally heats up your pool, which reduces the energy consumption of the heat pump or other pool heating. This in turn reduces your electricity bill. Besides, swimming in the sun is simply more pleasant, giving you an instant holiday feeling!

So, on a sunny day, preferably during the summer months, check which part of your garden gets the most hours of sun and also check if there are any shaded areas. You will probably notice that the pool is best positioned east in the garden. Also make sure your terrace is in the sun, because your beach chair should definitely not be in the shade, unless you choose to put it under a parasol.


Then configure your dream pool using our configurator or make an appointment in our showroom right away. See you soon!