Small pool


More and more people want a Plunge Pool in their garden. Therefore, the so-called Plunge Pools have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. In the first place, people install a small pool in the garden to relax, but we also regularly hear that a pool in a small garden has a decorative added value. Especially when combined with colored pool lights, a statue, or a small fountain, it becomes a real eye-catcher. And such a small pool really has something for everyone!


La Strada Plunge

Is the outdoor area of your yard not that large but you still want all the comfort of a larger pool? The La Strada Plunge Pool features a beautiful seat and a lounger along the full length of the pool combined with an elegant walk-in staircase on the opposite side of the pool.
  • Full-length seating and reclining sofa
  • Length: 5, 6 or 7 m
  • Width: 2 m 80
  • Depth: 1 m 50


Fiji Plunge

This plunge pool was designed to meet the growing demand to maximize limited garden areas without sacrificing functionality. Good for hours of water fun! Also install a countercurrent feature for maximum athletic swimming fun.
  • Walk-in stairs
  • Length: 2.9 m
  • Width: 2.1 m
  • Depth: 1.3 m

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The advantages of a small pool

A pool in a small garden is guaranteed to be just as much fun as a larger pool. On hot days, you can jump into the water to cool off, invite your friends/family over for a pool party or just enjoy swimming with the (grand)children. In addition, a small pool has several additional benefits:

you save

A smaller pool is naturally cheaper than a larger one. This is because you need less material to build it and it is installed faster. In addition, less water is needed to fill the pool, something that further reduces costs. Your energy bill is also significantly lower in the long run with a small pool.


In most cases, you do not need a building permit for a pool smaller than 10 m2

Countercurrent also allows for athletic swimming

To ensure hours of swimming fun in a small pool, we can install a countercurrent in it. This allows you to keep swimming in the same place in the pool, for sports or recreation. So this is not only better for your physical health, but also your mental health will benefit. Who doesn’t like to swim a few laps after a stressful day?

lifetime warranty and after-service for your plunge pool

But that’s not all, because even with our small pools, you don’t sacrifice all the comfort you expect from a Leisure Pools pool: a beautiful heated pool with a lifetime warranty, and a wonderful after-service you can always count on.

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