Which cover should you choose for your pool?

In a nutshell, the three benefits of a pool cover are increased safety, lower energy costs and reduced maintenance. On days when the pool is not being used it is a good idea to cover the it. This will keep the water clean, prevent heat loss and ensure that no one falls into the water. But which type of pool cover is best for your pool? We will help you with the following tips!


A modern swimming pool is most often covered with an automatic roller shutter pool cover, also known as a slatted pool cover. The slats are usually made of PVC or polycarbonate. A roller shutter is guaranteed to be the best pool cover in terms of quality, safety, comfort and appearance. In addition, such an automatic pool cover makes life easier, as you can open or close the pool without too much effort with the press of a button or with the app on your smartphone.

Did you know that with the right cover you can save a lot of energy? The heat on the surface of the pool cannot escape so the water cools down less quickly. In short, the slats provide better insulation for your pool. Better for the environment and for your electricity bill! If you choose solar slats, then the pool cover keeps the pool water at the right temperature by using solar energy. Another advantage for your energy consumption.

Other pool covers?

Are there no other types of pool covers? Of course there are! You can cover the pool with a manual cover made from bubble wrap or a year-round tarpaulin cover. Bubble wrap insulates relatively well, but offers no safety guarantee. A year-round tarpaulin cover is somewhat sturdier and also insulates sufficiently. However, it is quite some work to each time manually cover the pool with such a cover.


A manual cover may reduce costs in terms of purchase, but it requires much more maintenance and effort over time.

After the swimming season ends, you can add another cover to the pool, such as a flexible winter PVC cover. This cover ensures that no dirt can accumulate in the water and even covers the coping stones. In the middle of this cover, there is a permeable strip that allows rainwater to pass through. This ensures that no water remains on the cover. The advantage of a winter cover is that the pool water is protected throughout the winter under the best conditions, which in turn guarantees a smooth start-up in spring. You’ll be ready to dive back into the pool in no time!

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