Contemporary design High water level

This insulated pool sparkles with its clean lines and minimalist design. The Cube offers plenty of room to swim, relax and enjoy with the family.

Dimensions & specifications

Length Width Depth
9 m 4 m 1,5 m
10.5 m 4 m 1,5 m
12 m 4 m 1,5 m
Standing edgeYes
Safety edgeYes
Underwater benchYes
Self-cleaning roller shutter nicheYes
ExtraThis pool has a flat bottom.

Our strengths

Full epoxy vinyl ester resin

7 layers of exceptionally high-quality materials
Provides eternal swimming pleasure.

Coremat® nano insulation

This is the most reliable insulation and
guarantees wonderfully warm water.

Composite Armour™

Reinforcement with Kevlar®, Carbon and Basalt fibres.

Self-cleaning roller shutter niche

Low-maintenance pools with low consumption of chemicals.


With our wide range of colours, you can easily create your dream pool.

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