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Winter maintenance

Winter maintenance includes:

  • Call-out charges
  • Checking and possibly correcting the water quality
  • Checking the installation
  • Checking the time clock including setting to Standard Time (winter)
  • Checking the pipes, ball valves, connections and seals
  • Checking the circulation pump
  • Checking the overflow gutter or skimmer
  • Checking the granular filter, including backwash
  • Checking the automatic safety roller shutter, including remote control
  • Checking the lighting, including remote control
  • Disconnecting the heat pump

Price: 269 euros including VAT.

Additional options at € 71.5 per hour including VAT:

  • Installing the winter tarpaulin
  • Cleaning the roller shutter
  • Cleaning the shutter box
  • Cleaning the pool

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