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Sustainable pool technology

Leisure Pools is an industry leader in highly sustainable monoblock pool technology. The zero-energy program is an integrated online system that intelligently adjusts energy and is able to communicate with the technologies in the home. By the way, did you know that only 37% of the solar energy generated in the home, through solar panels, is effectively used and the remaining energy is lost? This is because we often work outside the home during the day, which then results in relatively low consumption. However, it is at these times that most power is generated by the solar panels. At Leisure Pools, we saw this as an opportunity. We now build swimming pools in a new and energy-saving way. We provide the pool with a totally integrated online system with a PLC control in combination with a heat pump, solar panels and a smart meter that turns the pool into a thermal battery. So you use less energy and you can swim in pleasantly warm water!

Innovative buffer

The technical pallet features a simple digital button with various options for heating your pool: as fast as possible, ecological or, of course, zero-energy. The latter is what it’s all about. Thanks to PLC control, the pool equipment can communicate with the smart meter. Thus, the surplus energy is used to heat the pool water and your pool acts as a thermal battery.

Existing installations

A buffer is built up that is several degrees warmer than the temperature you are aiming for. When the outside temperature then drops, the heat of the water will be better retained. However, it is important that you have a well-insulated pool so that the heat cannot escape. Ideally, you should choose solar slats to cover the pool. These keep the water extra warm through their greenhouse effect. This technique is also applied to existing pool installations.

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