By choosing the right pool accessories, you choose to make your pool even more luxurious and pleasant. Some of these gadgets have been specially developed to increase your comfort, while others ensure that you can always swim in top quality water. A counter-current installation, a swimming pool vacuum cleaner or an automatic measurement and control system? Read on and discover all about the pool accessories that Leisure Pools recommends.

Pool accessories to make your pool more enjoyable

Leisure Pools are there to be enjoyed in all respects. That is why you can choose between various pool accessories that increase your comfort, such as a countercurrent system. The built-in jet streams keep the pool water moving so that in a relatively small pool, you can still create the experience of swimming long distances. In addition, the children will have fun in the water thanks to this countercurrent system. It is guaranteed to make them think of a whitewater course. And for those who really enjoy life, the countercurrent also provides a beneficial massage. As far as the jets are concerned, there are various possibilities – everything depends on your wishes.

The right pool accessories for easier maintenance

Besides pool accessories that increase swimming comfort, there are also accessories for easier maintenance. Every Leisure Pool is equipped with a very powerful manual pool cleaner. This uses the existing filter system, easily removing all the dirt particles. A very quick and efficient way to clean your pool! Another possibility is the pool robot with built-in micro-filter. This is a pool cleaner that cleans floors and walls automatically, without you having to invest time in it yourself. What a luxury!

Pool accessories that automatically regulate your chlorine and pH

Healthwise, it is important to keep the quality of the pool water optimal at all times. Therefore, we always recommend our customers to obtain a special measuring & regulating system. It measures the value of chlorine and/or pH (acidity) of the water and automatically adds the necessary products if required. Quality water guaranteed! For your comfort and convenience, as well as for your health, you can count on several innovative pool accessories.

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