Of course, why not? Those who think that installing a swimming pool is only possible in a large garden are wrong. Even in a small garden, we can build your dream pool. This way, you can also enjoy refreshments on hot days in a city garden. But what are the advantages of a swimming pool in a small garden? Leisure Pools lists them.

A swimming pool tailored to your garden

More and more people are choosing a small pool in their garden. The so-called plunge pools have therefore gained enormous popularity in recent years. In the first place, people install a pool in the garden to relax, but we also regularly hear that a pool in a small garden also has a decorative value. Especially in combination with coloured pool lights, a statue or a small fountain, it becomes a real eye-catcher. And such a small pool really has something for everyone!

The advantages of a small pool

A pool in a small garden is guaranteed to be as much fun as a larger pool. You can jump into the water on hot days to cool off, invite your friends and family to a pool party or just swim together with the children and grandchildren. Moreover, a small pool has some additional advantages:

1. You save on costs

A smaller pool is naturally cheaper than a larger one. You need less material to build it and it is quicker to install. In addition, less water is needed to fill the pool, which further reduces costs. For a small pool, your energy bill will also be significantly lower in the long run.

2. No building permit required

In most cases, you do not need a building permit for a swimming pool smaller than 10m2. You can read all about building permits for swimming pools in our other blog post. The less bureaucratic procedures, the faster you will have a pool in your garden.

3. A healthy mind in a healthy body

To ensure hours of swimming fun in a small pool, we can install a counter current. That way you can swim in place in your pool, whether it is for sport or recreation. This is not only better for your physical health, but also your mental wellbeing. Who doesn’t feel revived by swimming a few laps after a stressful day?

But that’s not all, because even our small pools do not sacrifice the comfort you expect from Leisure Pools: a beautiful heated pool with a lifetime guarantee, and a great after-sales service you can always count on.

Young people in the swimming pool. Those who think that installing a swimming pool is only possible in a large garden are wrong. We can build your dream pool even in a small garden.

Can you cover a small pool?

Yes, certainly. Most of our pools are even equipped with a built-in self-cleaning roller shutter niche. This saves you time on pool maintenance and gives you more time for what really matters: enjoyment. Moreover, the cover keeps the water warmer and you save on energy. Add to that safety for children and pets, and you know why we opt for swimming pools with a roller shutter. If a built-in roller shutter is not possible for the pool you selected, we always recommend a surface-mounted roller shutter.

How much does a pool like this cost for a small garden?

Although we are often asked this question, we do not have a ready-made answer. As with cars, the total price depends on the wide variety of pool accessories. For example, the type of pool, its dimensions, options and accessories, construction costs, etc. All these things make it difficult to give an average price for a swimming pool in a small garden. Would you like to know the price tag of your dream pool? Then feel free to ask us for a quote without obligation.