A swimming pool is more than just a source of sport and relaxation. When we build a swimming pool, a new living environment is also created. That is why we at Leisure Pools always make sure that each pool perfectly matches the wishes of the customer and the style of the environment. For example, the right curbs finish the pool down to the last detail and a terrace in the same material forms the ideal harmony for completely relaxing in the garden. But it can also be different…

Coping stones add the finishing touch to your pool

Coping stones around a swimming pool are the icing on the cake, so to speak. They are not only beautiful, but also functional. After all, they keep splashing water under control and also offer safety due to their non-slip surface. Especially with children and/or pets playing around the pool, this anti-slip effect is a real asset. We work most often with coping stones made from natural stone, namely in granite or basalt, but also offer a sturdy ceramic coping stone. Their unique and timeless character completes the pool.

In addition, you have the choice between coping stones with a straight or a round nose. The ones with a straight nose have a modern touch, while a round nose creates a nostalgic feeling.

By the way, did you know that we can build the entire terrace from the same material as the coping stones around the pool?

A beautiful terrace, the ideal complement for your pool

Enjoy a nice cocktail on the terrace and then take a refreshing dip in the pool. Sounds delightful, right? That is why you can rely on Leisure Pools to realise the construction of your terrace. We are happy to install it in the same material as the coping stones of your pool. This way you create your ideal swimming environment where the rest of the world does not exist for a while! Would you rather have some contrast by laying a terrace in tropical hardwood? It’s possible!

Do you already have an idea of what your new terrace should look like? Or would you rather leave it to our specialists? Everything is possible! Moreover, we always try to schedule the construction of the swimming pool and the laying of the terrace around the same time. In this way, you can enjoy your oasis of calm in no time.

So don’t forget that the curbstones and the terrace make an important contribution to determining the general atmosphere that the swimming pool radiates. Therefore, be sure to think about it before you buy a swimming pool. Knowing more? Contact us !