We can no longer avoid it, energy prices keep rising. Therefore, many swimming pool owners fear for their energy bills at the end of the year. Fortunately, the Leisure Pools team has not been idle during the corona crisis. We went looking for innovative solutions, and yes, we found them. In combination with a heat pump, solar panels, a smart meter and our latest pool control system with a PLC control, your pool can work as a thermal battery on sunny days.

Your pool as a thermal buffer

On sunny days, you get the most out of your solar panels to avoid a sky-high energy bill. But what if you are not at home and therefore only use minimum energy? For people with a swimming pool, Leisure Pools has the ideal solution. If you have excess capacity from your solar panels, you can heat your pool water and your pool will serve as a thermal buffer. For this we have decisively chosen a frequency control system with PLC control in our new technical installation. This PLC control allows the swimming pool equipment to communicate with the smart meter. This way, the surplus energy is used to heat the pool water, so you use less energy and can swim in pleasantly warm water!

Pool control 2.0

The Leisure Pool team created a huge upgrade to the existing pool controls. By choosing high-end equipment, we can even remotely monitor, manage and intervene in the entire pool system if necessary. The ability to intervene remotely is new in the world of swimming pools and is just starting to be developed by many pool builders.

Want to save even more energy?

Check whether your pool controller has a frequency-controlled pump. In fact, with this investment you only use 1/3 of your electricity more than with the classic pool pump. Solar slats also provide extra heat in the water and are thus increasingly a popular pool upgrade. And you? What do you do as a swimming pool owner to save energy?

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