Do you like taking a night dip? Or do you just want to enjoy the eye-catcher in your garden all the time? The right pool lighting can help! With underwater lighting in the pool, you can enjoy memorable moments by the pooleven after sunset. But what options are there? And which one should you choose?

Types of pool lighting

For our swimming pools, we recommend standard recessed spotlights. This recessed swimming pool lighting is seamlessly fitted into the side walls of the pool so that there is no risk of injury while swimming. Be careful not to place too many spotlights as water is a natural reflector. The entire pool can therefore be illuminated with a minimum number of spot lights.

Tip: Make sure that your lighting is positioned so that the light does not bother your eyes.

There is also battery-powered floating pool lighting On batteries Different shapes float on the water and illuminate the surroundings. Especially the combination of both types of pool lighting creates a beautiful atmosphere in your garden.

Which pool lighting should you choose?

In the past, swimming pools were equipped with halogen lamps, but underwater LED lighting is gaining popularity. Why? LED lighting is very sustainable, environmentally-friendly and cheaper. For example, a LED lamp lasts at least 70,000 hours, a big difference compared to the 1,500 hours of a halogen lamp. In addition, they consume much less energy and are available in various RGB colours. Ideal for all late-night swimming! For your swimming pool, it is best to use power LEDs instead of ordinary LED lighting, because these are powerful enough to light up the water.

Advantages of pool lighting with power LEDs

  • Durable
  • Energy-saving
  • Available in various RGB colours
  • Resistant to heat, cold and shock
  • Water-resistant
  • Does not get hot

In short: the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality!

Create atmosphere with pool lighting

Atmosphere and cosiness, as well as safety. These are the main functions of swimming pool lighting. Don’t be too quick to say you don’t need pool lighting, because you might regret it later. Who wouldn’t want to relax with their feet in the water on a sultry summer’s evening?

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