Since an outdoor pool collects a lot of leaves, twigs and other dirt particles, a good pool filter is a must to always enjoy crystal clear pool water. In addition, such a pool filter ensures that pool maintenance is limited. It is therefore important to choose a pool filter that is perfectly tailored to your pool. We tell you all about it in this blog!

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What is the function of a pool filter?

Without a pool filter, your pool will quickly become very dirty. A pool filter removes bacteria and dirt from the pool. Together with the pool pump, it is the most important part of your pool.

Leisure Pools provides the best pool filter

Leisure Pools always ensures that your pool is equipped with a filter that removes all dirt particles from the water to the maximum extent. This is not only necessary for swimming in clean water, but also ensures that you use fewer chemicals. To achieve this, we combine the ideal filter mass with a fine mesh filter system. By the way, do you want a pool with a high water level? Then we will provide you with a different pool filter than a filter for pools with a low water level.

The capacity of a swimming pool filter

The correct capacity of a swimming pool filter is determined by the volume of the pool. Unfortunately, there are no basic guidelines, so at Leisure Pools we rely on the rules of the public sector, our expertise and our craftsmanship. We make a calculation to ensure absolute safety in your specific situation. We do this specifically by calculating the right flow. Undercapacity of the pool filter leads to potential health problems and overcapacity causes unnecessary power consumption.

What is the difference in the pool filter for a skimmer pool and an overflow pool?

If you look up information about the suitable pool filter, you will most likely also come across the terms ‘overflow pool’ and ‘skimmer pool’. But what is the difference? In an overflow pool, the water level is level with the surrounding coping stones. This creates an exclusive visual effect. The water is also drained over the entire length of the pool and the floating dirt particles are carried away to the pool filter.

In a skimmer pool, the water level is lower and the dirt is discharged through the openings of the skimmers in the pool edge. So it goes without saying that both pools require a different type of pool filter for proper cleaning.

Do you have additional questions about the right pool filter?

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